Video Conferencing Solutions Enable Collaboration – and Innovation Results!

Video Conferencing – An Essential Solution for the Successful Workplace
Visual collaboration enables conferences to happen in multiple locations, rather than point-to-point connections between individuals. With the introduction of relatively cheap, high capacity broadband telecommunications, video conferencing has rapidly expanded in recent years. The price point of this technology is also dropping rapidly, ensuring that it will be a significant tool in business, education, medicine, and government workspaces of all sizes.
Video Conferencing's Growth Parallels New Ideas of Collaboration
The workplace is changing rapidly. More people work at home or use flexible hours. Companies are increasingly spread out – utilizing knowledge from a variety of locations. In a complex world, there is a growing appreciation that a diversity of voices is needed to implement strategies. As one Audio-visual (AV) expert said, "there can be no innovation without collaboration”. To enable this collaboration – which requires meetings with
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